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Budget apartments and offices around Tokyo
Most of our units are under 80,000 yen/month. You will find we provide the most affordable, safe, rental apartments and offices located for easy commuting around Tokyo.
Our available apartments list shows all currently available units and it is updated daily.
Check our locations page and you will see our apartments feature easy commutes to most popular areas in Tokyo.
After you fill out the online application form, we will arrange the appointment  to show you the apartments you are interested in.
We can offer you the best rental terms  without any agency fees, key money or a guarantor because we own most of the buildings we manage.
Looking for a larger apartment? We recommend you contact Tokyo Rent.
Frequently Asked Questions

  • About Tokyo Apartment & Office Center...
    • Are you a rental agency, or do you own the apartments?
      We own and operate the majority of the apartment buildings listed on our website. We are not a typical Japanese rental agency. This allows us to offer you much better apartment rental terms. For example, you don't have to pay key money, and there are no agent fees.
    • Can I communicate with you in English?
      Yes. Many of our staff are bilingual, and have lived overseas. We also have several foreign employees working in our leasing department. We would be happy to communicate with you in English, or Japanese. All of our rental agreements have been translated into English.
    • Where is your office located?
      Our primary office is located in central Tokyo, very close to both the Yurakacho line (Kojimachi station) and the Hanzomon line (Hanzomon station). If you would like to visit our office in person, please let us know in advance, and one of our staff will meet you at the local subway station to guide you to our office.

  • About our apartments...
    • Do I have to share the kitchen or bathroom with other tenants?
      No. Almost all of our units are private apartments with their own kitchens and bathrooms.
    • Are your apartments furnished?
      We can furnish your apartment with a refrigerator, washing machine, bed/mattress, curtains, microwave oven/toaster, dining table and chairs for a small additional monthly charge.
    • What about internet connection?
      Almost all of our apartments are wired. All apartments have some provision for internet connection. Some buildings are equipped with fiber optic/broad band capability, while other buildings utilize ADSL.
    • Are utilities like gas and electricity included in the rent?
      Some of our apartments are available with the utility costs included in the monthly rent. Please check the individual apartment listing on this website. For those apartments that don't include utilities, the costs are the responsibility of the tenant. Of course, we assist tenants in making the arrangements with the utility providers (gas, water, electricity, internet access.)  We will arrange to open the utilitiy services and internet connection with the service fee of 3,000 yen. 
    • Can I see the apartment?
      Of course, we would be happy to show you the apartment you are interested in, assuming that the previous tenant has vacated.

  • About rental terms and conditions...
    • What do I have to pay initially?
      The first month's rent, a security deposit and 15,000 yen for a casualty insurance policy (2-year coverage.)
    • Do I have to provide a guarantor?
      No. In most cases we do not require tenants to supply a guarantor. We do ask that applicants supply us with a reference so that we can confirm employment or other relevant information. Please make sure to fill out the online application with as much information as possible.
    • What identification documents are required?
      Official picture identification such as a passport with a valid Japanese visa and an alien registration card (gaikokujin toroku-sho.)
    • What if I have to cancel the rental agreement early? Will I get my security deposit back?
      If you need to cancel the rental agreement early, we ask that you provide us with written notice at least one month in advance. Security deposits are refundable based on the rental period after deducting any charges for apartment damage repairs.
    • I'm only going to be staying in Tokyo for a week. What is your minimum rental period?
      Apartments at SOHO Asakusa and some other service apartments are often available for rental on a weekly basis. Please fill out the application form, and indicate your rental dates. We will let you know what units we have available for that timeframe.
    • Can I reserve an apartment from overseas before I arrive in Japan?
      Yes. We frequently have tenants reserve apartments by wiring a deposit prior to their arrival in Japan.

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